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Muffin Mania

Muffin Mania

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The Cookbook

This printing contains all original recipes from the first addition of Muffin Mania.  There are over 60 muffin recipes inside for any time of the day.  The authors have suggested different muffins for different times of the day, each is perfect for any occasion, according to your taste. 

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About the Authors

Canadian sisters Joan Pauli and Cathy Prange grew up in with the enticing smell of homemade muffins in their mother's kitchen. As a result, the two learned the basics of muffinery at an early age. Each later married, had three children and began honing her skills in muffin creation.

In 1982 the sisters started baking an incredibly wide variety of creative, scrumptious muffins on a regular basis. Family and friends devoured Cathy and Joan's diverse muffinery as soon as the treats left the oven. At the same time, they urged Prange and Pauli to share recipes for their creations. Muffin Mania is the result -- and it became an instant sensation across Canada.

Keeping the book alive

Muffin Mania went out of print in 1997 but Cathy Prange, whose home address appeared in the first edition, was still receiving letters from fans all over the globe with requests for new copies to replace their old well used cookbooks. 

In 2008 Cathy's granddaughter, Martha, decided to follow in her grandmother's footsteps and create a publishing company to get Muffin Mania back in print.  A few months later the book was reprinted with all of Muffin Mania’s original recipes and an updated cover.

The response to the books return was very exciting and even made news across Canada. A few months later it once again became Canadian bestseller.